Come and meet us at any one of these events, where you can sample all of our products and get some great deals! 

Past events

Dec 9

Welsh Vegan Winterfest, Cardiff

Dec 8

Bristol Viva! Christmas Fayre

Dec 1

Swansea Vegan Mini Market

Nov 18

Nottingham Vegan Festival

Nov 10

Coventry Vegan Festival

Nov 3

Swansea Vegan Mini Market

Oct 20

North Wales Vegan Festival

Oct 13

Portsmouth Vegan Festival

Oct 6

Swansea Vegan Mini Market

Sep 29

Kingston Vegan Festival

Sep 22

Reading Vegan Festival

Sep 16

Frome Vegan Fair

Sep 8

Birmingham Viva!

Sep 1

Green Feast, Depot, Cardiff

Aug 31

Narberth Producers Market

Aug 27

St Alban's Vegan Fair

Aug 26

Absolutely Fabulous Vegan Pop Up, Monmouth

Shire Hall, Monmouth

Aug 25

Chepstow Vegan Fair

Aug 24

Narberth Producers Market

Aug 17

Narberth Producers Market

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